My Fee for MD

Support us by signing up to My Fee for MD, become part of a community of generous professionals supporting Muscular Dystrophy UK


What is my Fee for MD?

On a day of your choosing, you ask your clients to donate the amount they would pay to you to Muscular Dystrophy UK instead.

It can be just one client, or everybody you work for that day - you choose. You can set a limit on how much you donate, or you can spread it over several days. The aim is to give you as much flexibility as possible.

The campaign is rooted in the ‘pay it forward’ principle. Acts of kindness build goodwill and happiness in a community and ‘one good deed deserves another’ remains a cherished belief. ‘Paying it forward’ makes the world a better place.

By paying it forward for MDUK you help keep our community of more than 110,000 people connected with all the help they need. Everyone benefits. It enables us to provide crucial access to healthcare and support. Your kindness allows us to continue to fund advice, research, campaigning, and fundraising.

How can you opt in?

Register to take part by clicking on the sign-up button.

You will become part of our generous team that includes personal trainers, hairdressers, gardeners, plumbers, golf teaching professionals, chauffeurs, beauty therapists, physiotherapists, podiatrists, cleaners, decorators, builders and photographers – there really isn’t anyone that can’t participate.

Once registered, you will receive a Supporter Pack which includes an information sheet for your clients and details of how to send us their donation.

After you have donated, you will receive a social sticker for your social media sites to show that you have supported the charity, and we can send you a certificate for your place of work.

Together we’re stronger!