Help shape our work

We have a number of exciting ways in which you can get involved to help to shape Muscular Dystrophy UK’s work as we step up the fight to beat muscle-wasting conditions. We know we can do this more quickly and with greater success, if we work together.

We have a whole range of voluntary positions on the charity’s committees, panels and boards to suit your interests.

Speaking about his role as a Trustee, Robbie Warner said:

I think Muscular Dystrophy UK is a great charity that offers a vast and wide range of services. My family and I have benefited from the support of the charity and being a member of the Board of Trustees is my way of giving back. It has been a great experience with a huge learning curve. If you are interested, I would really recommend getting involved.

Some of these roles might require a specific range of skills and experience, and not all are open for recruitment currently, but we're always keen to hear from those who'd like to be involved in shaping our work. 

Joseph Patrick Trust Panel 
Our JPT Panel helps to review applications for grants for specialist equipment. Over more than 30 years, JPT and Muscular Dystrophy UK have awarded more than 6,000 grants, totalling more than £6million. These grants have helped more than 5,000 children and adults with muscle-wasting conditions to purchase specialist mobility equipment not available on the NHS. The Panel is made up of those with direct experience of living with a muscle-wasting condition, health professionals, OTs and social workers.

Lay Research Panel
Our Lay Research Panel represent the voices of individuals and families living with muscle-wasting conditions when considering research projects for funding. The panel currently has 11 members, comprising of people directly or indirectly affected by muscular dystrophy or a related neuromuscular condition, as well as a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist and a scientific advisor. They meet twice a year to discuss grant applications.

Services Development Committee
The committee is a group chaired by Muscular Dystrophy UK Trustee, Baroness Thomas of Winchester, and includes neuromuscular clinicians, NHS commissioners and patient representatives. The group looks at ways in which specialist services and access to treatments for people with muscle-wasting conditions can be improved and strengthened across the country.  

Content Advisory Group
If you’re interested in all things communications and marketing-related, you could join our Content Advisory Group and help shape our content. The group are all people with lived experience of muscle-wasting conditions, and they help us to keep people living with muscle-wasting conditions at the heart of everything we do. 

Finance Committee
For those with an excellent understanding of charity finance, investment management or legal matters, there is an opportunity to join our Finance Committee.

Volunteering Steering Group
Our volunteering steering group work with the Volunteer Engagement Manager to ensure that volunteers have the best possible experience with MDUK. They give input into ideas for new volunteering roles and new ways of supporting our volunteers. 

Scottish and Northern Ireland Councils
If you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland, you may be interested in joining our Councils to get involved in discussing the charity’s activity in those countries.

Board of Trustees
Trustees are central to the governance of Muscular Dystrophy UK, and have ultimate responsibility for the long-term wellbeing of the charity. They set our strategic direction, monitor the delivery of our objectives, uphold our values and governance, and advise and support the Chief Executive. 

Charity Member
Our members come from all walks of life and are active in helping to shape the agenda and objectives of the charity. They have a number of important rights, including being able to vote on resolutions at the Annual General Meeting and on the selection of members of the Board of Trustees.