FAQs and Useful links Exercise

This section features some frequently asked questions regarding exercising with a Muscle-wasting condition. There are also some useful links to other resources. Including Health and Sport websites as well as condition specific sites

Where should I exercise?

It is a personal choice and it is important to choose an environment or setting that is well
lit, safe and accessible to you.

How can I progress?

Progress and build up your activity levels gradually, particularly if you are currently not very active. It is important that you do this safely; your physiotherapist or other professionals involved in your care (fitness or gym instructor) can advise you on this.

Remember that maintaining your current level of physical ability is a good outcome; it’s not necessary to see big changes from your new physical activity/ exercise to know that it’s working.

How do I keep motivated?

Do something you enjoy; ideally with friends or family to keep up your motivation (and theirs too!). It is also helpful to have your favourite music at hand, as this can keep you motivated.

Some people find keeping an activity diary useful. Others find a phone activity app (which tracks how many steps you take) help to keep up motivation and enjoyment.

Can exercise do me harm?

Exercise has many benefits and very rarely does any harm. Talk to your physiotherapist or medical team before you start exercising to reduce this risk.

Useful links

Aerobic exercise:

If you are able to walk as an exercise, consider using the Active 10 app:


If you aim to do 10-minute blocks of physical activity or exercise, that is a positive start.


Pilates is a form of exercise that can be beneficial.

Videos neuromuscular therapists/Pilates instructors have created specifically for people with muscle-wasting conditions:

Scottish Muscle Network information on activity and stretching:


Videos on how to exercise safely at home:



Sportabilty – www.sportability.org.uk

Parasport – www.parasport.org.uk

Sport England – www.sportengland.org/our-work/disability

Sport Wales – www.disabilitysportwales.com

Scottish Disability Sport – www.scottishdisabilitysport.com

Disability Sports Northern Ireland – www.dsni.co.uk

The NeuroMuscular Centre – www.nmcentre.com

Muscular Dystrophy Support Centre – mdsupportcentre.org 

Inclusive fitness initiative – www.activityalliance.org.uk

Condition-specific sites for more information and recommendations for exercise or activity:

CMT UK – www.cmt.org.uk

Muscular Dystrophy Association (USA) – www.mda.org

AGSD-UK – www.agsd.org.uk

FSH Society (USA) – www.fshsociety.org