How to get and stay active Exercise

The type of physical activity and/or exercise most appropriate for you will vary from person to person.
  • It is important to find something safe to do that you can enjoy, easily achieve and can fit in to your routine. This will depend on your own specific needs, interests and circumstances.
  •  If you haven’t done any regular activity or exercise for a while, start slowly and gradually build up. If you are already active or doing formal exercise, the information here may help ensure you are doing the correct type of exercise in the most beneficial way.
  •  If you can, try to exercise with peers (even if this is virtually) or tell people what your plans for exercise are, as this helps with keeping you on track.
  •  Try and work towards a goal, for example:  to avoid sitting for more than 30 minutes without moving, or, to do some regular exercise/activity three times a week.
  •  Keep a record of what exercise and activity you do and when, so that you can reflect on gains and improvements.
  •  Use activity monitors or step counters on your phone, to help keep a track of your activity throughout the day.